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Meet  Violet

Super Power: Beauty – Vitality

Violet is the perfect example of “As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.” At first glance, most people assume Violet is not healthy, because she is bald…but what they soon learn about her is that her baldness is caused by alopecia, not an illness. In fact, our little Violet is the picture of health and vitality! Violet believes the Earth is her “mother” and she sees our body as a gift to be treasured. She is the master of all things wellness…and she LOVES creating fun, whimsical experiences for herself and her friends when they unplug from technology and spend time in the “WE pod” together.

Violets stories will catch her going on hikes, cooking fun meals, taking yoga or Zumba classes, meditating or creating Zen-like spaces in her bedroom. Violet shows us that everyone is a gift, we are at our best when we are “nourished” and her message to the Universe is: “All the BEAUTY I need is Within Me NOW!”

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Dolls that Create Change

It’s never too soon to learn about the greatness within you! Our six friends are more than just fun and adorable…learn about how they actually represent the 6-petals of the positive psychology model as well as get tips, news, videos and information on how to support the message of WithinMeNow in your community.

All the love you need is Within you Now!

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