You Are

Complete, Unique & Brilliant,

Just As You Are…

Meet  Max

Super Power: Dreams – Meaning & Purpose

“Live Life to the MAX!” is the best way to describe the credo and attitude of our lovable, playful friend, Max. My favorite thing about this kiddo is his passion for finding the Unique Brilliance in everyone he meets. Whenever someone is feeling down or defeated, Max is right there to help them uncover the awesome things about themselves that make them shine. Max is a BIG dreamer! He dreams about becoming a Chef or a Doctor or a Wrestling Coach…he dreams about going on fun vacations and dog sledding through Alaska! In each of Max’s stories, he teaches us to dream big, find the meaning in the experiences that “light us up” and to live our best life.

Max is here to teach us: All the DREAMS I need are Within Me Now!

Meet   The  Other  Characters  Below!







Dolls that Create Change

It’s never too soon to learn about the greatness within you! Our six friends are more than just fun and adorable…learn about how they actually represent the 6-petals of the positive psychology model as well as get tips, news, videos and information on how to support the message of WithinMeNow in your community.

All the love you need is Within you Now!

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