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Meet  Eve

Super Power: Beauty – Vitality

This headstrong and determined young lady is Eve! Many people think she is obsessive and kind of pushy…but the truth is, she is just really focused on getting what she wants! And because she is so focused, she also has a habit of “getting lost” in activities and topics she really loves, like video games, Legos and snakes. (which can sometimes get annoying) Eve doesn’t like having too many choices and she can get upset when things get out of order or change suddenly…so she is always working on creating rules, making lists and organizing things (sometimes in a really strange way…but it all makes sense to Eve).

Eve also has Asperger’s Syndrome, which makes it a ton harder for her to regulate her behaviors and reactions to everyday issues. Her gifts to the world are her ability to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, her brutal honesty & her wacky sense of humor – all which are the focus of her storylines. When things start to overwhelm her.

Eve’s message is: All the EMPATHY I need is Within Me Now!

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Dolls that Create Change

It’s never too soon to learn about the greatness within you! Our six friends are more than just fun and adorable…learn about how they actually represent the 6-petals of the positive psychology model as well as get tips, news, videos and information on how to support the message of WithinMeNow in your community.

All the love you need is Within you Now!

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