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Meet Penny

Super Power: Joy – Positivity

Say Hi! to Sweet Penny! If you remember that one kiddo in school who always knew how to flip the switch on a bad mood or situation…THAT is our Penny. She knows that mistakes happen, but somehow manages to find the silver lining and is the first person to point out the lesson in every blunder. Penny is full of great quotes and stories from her parents, grandparents, and teachers and she never passes up an opportunity to get a dance party going. She has a natural knack for bouncing back, finding the fun in any situation and is always looking for ways to celebrate with her friends, her successes, and her goals. Penny’s stories will focus on exercises in resilience and positive mindset.

Penny’s message for the world is: All the JOY I need is Within Me Now!

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Dolls that Create Change

It’s never too soon to learn about the greatness within you! Our six friends are more than just fun and adorable…learn about how they actually represent the 6-petals of the positive psychology model as well as get tips, news, videos and information on how to support the message of WithinMeNow in your community.

All the love you need is Within you Now!

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